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Differences between 4G and LTE

Although sometimes they are terms that are used interchangeably, the truth is that there are differences. Therefore, it is interesting to know exactly what changes may occur when we have 4G coverage or when we connect to LTE.


This is possibly what users are most interested in. When we connect to the Internet with our mobile, we depend on the coverage that exists at that moment. This means that we will not always have the same speed when we connect to 4G, since it is not the same to be indoors and with little coverage than if we are outdoors very close to the antenna.

Now, there are speed differences between 4G and LTE . Here we have to mention that there are different categories. Basically 4G is made up of up to 20 different categories, although not all of them are actually used. From category 6 it could be considered LTE and we have higher speeds both download and upload.

The theoretical speed through 4G networks is 300 Mbps. Normally, they do not exceed 150 Mbps. On the other hand, LTE networks can even exceed 450 Mbps, although this is usually the normal limit. Everything will depend on the antennas and also logically on the capacity of our device.

Carrier compatibility

There are also differences in terms of compatibility both on the part of the operators and the devices we use. That is, not all carriers offer LTE or also known as 4G +. Sometimes, especially those virtual operators, may not offer the maximum speed that LTE allows.

Compatible device

Also keep in mind that we need a compatible device . Therefore there are differences regarding compatibility. Today modern terminals support the LTE categories without problems, but we could run into devices, mainly if we buy them from other countries, that do not offer the maximum speeds available.

In short, between 4G and LTE there are differences, as we have seen. Mainly we are going to notice it in the speed, although we must also take into account that it is necessary to have a compatible device, as well as that our operator offers LTE or not. Soon the most used will be 5G, as we know.

Use as a portable router

We already know that we can use a portable router to have an Internet connection anywhere. Now, for it to work properly, for it to be really useful and serve us in our day-to-day lives, the browsing speed must be the best possible and thus adapt to what we need.

In this sense, we can find differences when using 4G or LTE to connect our portable router. Those differences are directly linked to speed. We have seen that there can be a considerable difference on certain occasions, so we can better navigate through LTE networks.

Play in Streaming without interruptions

Although in both cases we will be able to play streaming videos or music without interruptions when the signal quality is good, the truth is that thanks to LTE we will be able to achieve greater stability and play videos in better quality. The latter, the quality of reproduction, will be higher or lower depending on the speed of the Internet that reaches us. The faster it is, the more quality we can give a video.

Therefore we can say that there are differences between 4G and LTE also when it comes to playing videos or music in Streaming and not suffering any cut that could damage the proper functioning.

Lower latency

Although it is not something in which we really notice a significant difference, we can say that with LTE networks we will have a lower ping . It is a superior technology, with better speed and more stability. Therefore, it will also make us have a lower latency, something that comes in handy in certain circumstances when browsing, such as making a video call or playing online.

In short, these are some of the main differences that we can find in 4G and LTE mobile networks. As we can see, it will always depend fundamentally on the coverage that reaches us, on how strong the signal is in the end. We can navigate better or worse, as well as make use of different services that are available on the Internet.

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